Bruce B.

“I will be speaking with another doctor in South Texas today. From what I know about him so far he seems a very likely candidate to transition out of clinical medicine and I intend to refer him to you. I will also ask his permission for me to give his contact info to you so that you can make a connection first if you so desire. My plan is to refer every appropriate physician to you so that you can help them like you have helped (and continue to help) me. You are worth your weight in gold and I plan to share that!”

Nick L.

“I made my way to Michelle starting last fall.

If you're like me, you want out of medicine as fast as your feet can carry you--- as soon as you can find something else that suits your interests and abilities, and which will enable you to meet your financial commitments. You don't want to take the first thing that comes along, and then find yourself as unhappy and unfulfilled in the new thing as you were in practice.


“Michelle, thanks for the call last night, it's appreciated. I wanted to thank you also for doing such a great job with support and direction during this first job pursuit. You pay attention to details and I definitely appreciate that. “

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