Fear is common for doctors interested in career change or a non-clinical career

Fear is for a number of reasons:

  • What is out there?
  • What if I can’t find a way to be happy in my career?
  • How will I make the salary I need and am accustomed to?
  • What will my family and friends think?
  • What if the hospital or my partners find out?

Most have no idea where to turn. Many have been unhappy for years, maybe since their training; some started to feel dissatisfaction 5-6 years ago that has continued to grow stronger.

What Others Have Done

Nonclinical Career Opportunities for Physicians

If you’ve considered a non-clinical career or you are trying to learn more about what you could do in a non-clinical career, it’s nice to read stories or hear about what other doctors have done to be inspired to consider what a non-clinical opportunity might mean for you.

Doctors can literally do anything in their careers. There are opportunities in finance, business, sales, consulting, policy, research, communications and as entrepreneurs (and more).

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